Eurotechlab was established in 2012 with the idea of an innovative project on digital TVs and set-top-box (STB) receivers.

Eurotechlab is now a first–class regulatory compliance service provider with a full range of consultation, testing, and certification services.

Eurotechlab provides its clients a rigorous compliance management by offering a unique test model to meet the required DVB-T2 standards defined by the Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council.

With the fast improvements in technology today, new requirements have been born and the characteristics of digital TV and set-top box(STB) receivers to be used in Turkey had to be redefined. This situation is foreseen as it will increase the possibility of competition for producers and in the meanwhile encourage the production of high-quality digital TV and STB receivers providing that the consumer awareness would increase.

It is very vital to choose a compliance partner who understands your product, your market and the regulatory standards and requirements that go with it. We deliver a wide range of testing and certification services as an accredited and fully-equipped laboratory.

Eurotechlab intends to help you gain a competitive advantage in accordance with your compliance goals.